Thursday, October 15, 2009


Self-leadership may be defined as the fulfilment of self-responsibility for developing a personal vision with the resultant realisation of goals and processes to realise this vision. A similar definition is “self-setting a vision and goals that lead to performance enhancing and self-fulfilling actions to realise the vision and goals, independent of a formal coach or mentor”.

The concept may be seen as a significant domain of leadership and is integral to significant achievement in sport, particularly those with individual competition. (See, for example, McConnell, 2007, p. 173 and McConnell, 2005, p.7). It may be argued that, within successful leaders there is the ability for self-leadership and that all persons gain greater control over their lives and more significant self-realization when they are self-leaders.

This sector of Leadership Learning considers Self Leadership in a small range of particularized contexts in order to illustrate the concept.

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